Why is it important for us to be sustainable? 

We love the world we live in. We love breathing the fresh air, swimming in clean rivers, and hiking the forested trails. Mountain Mutts Co. was inspired by nature & experiencing that with our dogs. With our joy stemming from time spent outdoors, we want to ensure that it is accessible for future generations. 

That means not only do we want our company to talk about sustainability, we want to live it. Everything from our products to our packaging are sourced and produced in the most environmentally safe way we know how.

What does that mean for us?

Our Bandanas

The bandanas that we sell use only fabric made with natural fibers. The cotton is sustainably grown & organic, that means it is grown with economic and environmental impact in mind. The fabric is grown with less water and uses no pesticides or insecticides. 

Dying our fabric must meet the same standards. Our fabric is dyed with non-toxic toners and non-acidic dyes. 

If that being said, if you’re ever tired of your bandana there’s a few things you can do: 

  1. Donate your bandana to a local shelter & tell them to give it to the next adopted pet! 
  2. Mail it back to us & we will recycle the fabric properly!



Our Packaging

If our bandanas are sustainable, then the way they get to you needs to be as well! Everything from our wrapping, to our mailers, everything will arrive to you in a method that is environmentally conscious. 

  • Our mailers are compostable. They are made of cornstarch, which breaks down unlike other plastic mailers. Plastic bags can take 500 years to decompose, we want to ensure that our mailers don’t end up in landfills or in the ocean. So we make sure that ours are compostable. 
  • Our boxes are made from 100% recycled material meaning that no new trees were cut down in the process of creating our boxes. What this means is that they are both recyclable & biodegradable. They can be thrown directly in the recycling bin with everything else, or they will break down easily if you choose to compost them. 
  • The packaging tape is recyclable as well. It’s made with biodegradable paper & can be thrown directly into the recycling bin still on the box! It will be reused and recycled along with it.  


Our Shipping

Alright, they are ready to go & they can head to your door! How do we get them there?

First and foremost, we want to offset the environmental impact of shipping by staying carbon neutral. Each order that goes out, we are working to offset those carbon emissions. By capturing our carbon footprint, we are able to contribute to environmentally friendly projects- from forest projects to landfill gas capture. 

  • Thank you cards that we use are 100% recycled materials. They are created with soy-based dyes & non-toxic toners. They are made recycled to be recycled. 
  • Tissue paper that is used is neutral and acid-free. This too can be recycled right along with the rest of the packaging! 
  • Twine is biodegradable. If you see if fraying a bit, that’s because it’s not sealed with harsh chemicals! 
  • Crinkle cut paper (for those orders for human gear) is again made with 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable.