Product Care


dog wearing green bandana with jeeps catching treats in the air

Our bandanas are hand-sewn. We pay attention to each stitch and touch point. We recommend hand washing with soap and warm water. You can choose to throw these in the wash on delicate and air dry. Afterwards, if you’d like to get the crisp flat lines you see here, you can iron the bandana (but make sure to skip the leather tag at the bottom!)


Got dog hair all over your blanket? We recommend tossing the blanket in the wash on a delicate setting, and running your dryer on the low setting.

Adventure Tumblers

white tumbler on backpack

Our tumblers have a durable outer coating and are made of stainless steel as well as plastic and rubber components. We recommend hand washing them with the soft side of a sponge, warm water, and dish soap to keep them in top shape.

Our tumblers also have silicone O-Rings to keep them spill proof. Occasionally, you will need to remove and clean this area the same way as the rest of the tumbler.

Please also keep in mind our tumblers are NOT microwave safe. (Microwaves don’t exist out in the wild anyway).

Happy adventuring!