Lost? We're here to help! Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Do you have an ambassador program?

We do have models who we work with and we would love to get you involved. We look for pack members who exude the core values we believe in. If you believe you would be a good fit for the program, let us know in the Ambassador Form!

I am a shelter, how can I apply to be a part of your partner network?

We’re excited that you are interested in partnering with us! You can reach out to us via our Partner Application Form and we can start a conversation!

I recently adopted a pet, do you offer discounts?

We’re so glad you decided to add a pack member to your family! We do offer discounts, let us know your story in the Contact Us Form, we’d love to hear it. We’ll send you over a discount.

How long until my order is shipped?

We usually ship out within 3 business days. However, some of our products can get back-ordered which will be listed in all the product descriptions. We will keep you updated on all those orders as well.

I received my order & it’s the wrong size, what do I do?

If you received your order and it’s the wrong size, we are happy to offer a replacement in the right size. Just reach out to us on the Contact Us form or email us at Keep in mind, all items are handmade and we may not have the same items in stock. Before you order, please double check as we offer a comprehensive sizing chart for all orders.

I received my order & it is damaged, what do I do?

A defective item is one that has no apparent damage but doesn’t work. If you received a defective item, Contact Us for help. We accept returns for defects in product or workmanship.

If your item is obviously damaged from shipping, please refuse the delivery. If you have already received the delivery, save all packaging, material & paperwork and call the fulfiller immediately. We accept no responsibility for user-initiated damage and/or loss of parts incurred during operation or use of product.

I submitted a question, when can I expect a response?

We will answer all inquiries as they are received but will respond to your question within 24-48 business hours. Keep in mind, our weekends may be spent searching for areas without service but we will do our best to respond during weekends as well!