Meet Macie Rose


Adoption Story: Macie Rose came from a rescue group in Tennessee with her siblings and her mama, Grazie. When we were looking for a smaller dog who didn’t shed as much, but when we saw her profile photo online, we knew. We had immediately fallen in love. My family just looked at her and my mom kept saying ‘look at her face! her smooshy little face!’ and we knew, she was meant to be part of our family.

Her name was originally Gretchen but we chose May May. They were being driven from Tennessee and so we met them halfway. She was so tired in the car and just wanted to snuggle on the way back. We brought her home and she fit in perfectly.

Nickname: May May, Chub-bean, Stinky, May-Maycita, The Macenator, Mazies, My Bestest Girl

Favorite Toy: My Grinch Toy

Favorite Activity: Eating, swimming, or barking at neighborhood dogs

Fun Fact: May May has a white marking on her back that looks just like a Nike symbol!