Meet Kayla


Adoption Story: I showed up to GCAC looking for a puppy I saw on pet finder and he wasn’t a good match. They said they had one dog in particular who is a genuine “love dog”. The volunteer walked Kayla into the meeting room. Kayla hopped up on the bench and stared at the volunteer. She said go meet your new mom. She hopped up next to me and laid her head down in my lap and fell asleep. The rest is history! 

Nickname: Aliases include The Velveteen Goblin, Baby Shark, Lil Bean, Kayla Queen, Han Solo (because Swagger), Love of My Life

Favorite Toy: Kong Floppy Knots

Favorite Activity: Tug-of-War or Agility

Fun Fact: Kayla’s best friend is a 3-year old boy and he told all the neighborhood kids that she’s the dog who smiles. They all adore her. She used to bark when he passed our house (so we trained her not to) but now he barks at our house when he passes to say hello.