Meet Casper


Adoption Story: Casper lived in our apartment and absolutely loved hikes, runs and anything active. No matter how much exercise he got, he would still have enough energy to have zoomies around the room. While looking for his home, a young woman reached out mentioning that she was looking for another young husky to add to her pack. Her and her current husky drove up to meet us, and they fell in love. The two frolicked around, playing with the same amount of puppy energy. His sister, Nova, is his opposite and is all white compared to his black fur. They are constant companions and sniff all the dogs in the dog park together, in tandem.

Nickname: Casper Puppy, Rabbit Doge

Favorite Toy: Raffy- a giant stuffed giraffe

Favorite Activity: Running or Zoomies

Fun Fact: Casper was so happy to be around other dogs, that he would opt to share their same crate together rather than sit in another crate on his own.