Houston- Adopt Bo and Odessa

What’s better than a bonded senior pair with a love for life? Nothing!
Meet Bo & Odessa, a sweet & loving couple who have spent years together on the street and were reunited in the shelter. They often share a kennel and would be happiest spending their time together. 

Bo is outgoing & friendly and loves new people. He’s mellow and loves lounging in a sunny spot or going on short walks. He loves tug of war and will do tricks for treats! He knows sit, stay, shake, and will come to his name off-leash! He’s a sweet & well-behaved boy who despite some arthritis, lives every day to the fullest. 

Odessa is a quiet & more reserved girl who has figured out that rescue life is much better than living on the streets. She loves Bo, and would do well in a home where they are both the center of attention and adored. She loves a good game of tug of war, especially with Bo, and enjoys short walks. Her favorite- car rides! She will be your adventure partner in the car and is happy to come with you on all the drives. Odessa isn’t the biggest fan of thunderstorms, but who is?

Bo and Odessa have been waiting for a forever home too long, will you help us find one from them?

Quick Facts:

Bo- about 11 years and 71 pounds. American Bulldog/Mixed Breed.

Odessa- about 8 years and 66 pounds. Husky/Shepherd Mix.