working on travel anxiety

Many dogs are different, but we know that Chase would get rather anxious in the car too long. Maybe your pet has similar anxieties or they are terrified of the car all together.*

*Again, we are not trainers. We would highly encourage you to consult a trainer who can tailor these tips to the specific needs of your dog. But if you want to learn more about our experience, here’s how we managed it.


My dog is afraid of the car:

  1. Make the car a happy place- allow your dog to approach the car even if you’re not going anywhere.

  2. Praise/reward them whenever they put their paws inside the car- you can allow them to jump out afterwards, but just get them used to associating the car with something they enjoy.

  3. Ensure the car is a safe space- practice sitting in the car with them in proper restraints, even if the car is turned off.


My dog gets anxiety in the car:

  1. Exercise your pup before you get in the car- that way they will be a little more tired and it can reduce some stress.

  2. Limit your dog’s food & water before the trip- not saying to deprive them, but allow their stomach to be a little emptier in the event they get motion sickness.

  3. Anti-anxiety medication or CBD oil- we give Chase a small dose of CBD oil before a long car ride.

  4. Extra stops- allow for extra stops along the way for dogs to get out of the car, breath some fresh air and stretch their legs.

And like anything, make car rides a consistent thing. Even if it’s just to sit in the driveway or drive around the block. Your dog will get desensitized to the car if it’s not something new, scary and infrequent.