toxic howl-iday food for pets


I’m sure we’ve all thought about sneaking Fido a bit of food here or there.

With the holidays coming up, I’m sure it’s even more tempting to toss a few crumbs under the table. (That or maybe your younger siblings are trying to feed your pet.)*

*We aren’t trying to scare you here, but rather give you guidelines. That’s not to say that these will cause immediate death. (One of our dogs ate half a chocolate cake and was okay) but we want to arm you with the best tools to make decisions. With that being said, if you dog does eat any of the foods below, please contact your vet.

Here’s a list of some food that can be potentially toxic to your dog- so if you are going to throw those leftovers, avoid these ten:

  1. Poultry Bones- these bones are extremely brittle and can break or splinter. They can cause damage to your dogs throat, gastrointestinal track or even just get caught!

  2. Onions/Garlic- ingesting onions for dogs can cause a breakdown of their red blood cells leading to anemia.

  3. Nutmeg- if ingested in small amounts, it could cause minor upset stomach. Large amounts of the nutmeg (myristicin) can be toxic to both pets and people.

  4. Macadamia Nuts- not all nuts are toxic, but macadamia nuts certainly are. They have a toxin in them that can lead to vomiting and joint swelling, even tremors or hyperthermia. Other salted nuts can lead to water retention or pancreatic issues in dogs as they are high in fat. Peanuts in small quantities can be safe for Fido.

  5. Candy- the sweeter, xylitol, can cause a drop in blood sugar in your pet and also can cause liver failure. Their bodies do not process this sugar the same way and early symptoms will be vomiting and lethargy, also potentially coordination problems.

  6. Chocolate- dark chocolate is more toxic than milk chocolate. However, it does contain a chemical called theobromine which can lead to illness. Small amounts will most likely only cause an upset stomach or diarrhea.

  7. Caffeine- similar to chocolate, caffeine can raise blood pressure and cause cardiac arrhythmias. It can affect the GI tract and induce vomiting, which actually helps to remove toxins.

  8. Raisins/Grapes- the actually cause of their toxicity is unknown, but grapes (or raisins) can cause kidney failure in dogs.

  9. Raw Bread Dough- it’s not the dough itself, rather the yeast. A dog’s stomach is an ideal location for yeast to ferment, meaning it keeps expanding in their stomachs and releasing ethanol. Their blood ethanol can then rise to toxic levels causing stomach distention and poisoning.

  10. Alcohol- dogs are unable to process alcohol content in their kidney or livers and very small amounts can lead to intoxication. If you want Fido to be part of the holiday party, try dog beer which is available and safe for your pup. Check out this wineshop for pets.