products chase loves

A few products that we can’t live without for Chase listed below. All of these companies we found & love independently of an affiliation.




  • Martingale Collar. This has worked really well for training purposes. We have one from 2HoundsDesign that we’ve used & it’s withheld through all the elements.

  • Headlamp. There are fancier dog lights that you can use, but most people have a headlamp. Don’t go buy something special if you don’t need to. We loop a headlamp from Amazon around his neck and it works wonders for seeing him as he wanders around the campsite.

  • Dog Boots. Looking for a more rugged set, but we bought some from TopDog at Petco. They have protected his feet, but fallen apart in a few months. We recently got the Ruffwear ones but he really doesn’t like them on his feet so we may go back to the TopDog ones.

  • Dog Sweater. If you have a short haired breed who you bring into freezing temperatures, you will definitely want a jacket to keep them warm. We have one from Reddy and Chase loves it. At night, he will sit by the car and whine until we dress him up.

  • Hammock & Wool Blanket. Having a place for him to sit in the back makes all the difference. He enjoys having his own space & it keeps the rest of the car clean.

  • Social CBD Paw Balm*. Even with the boots, his feet get quite dry. Not only do his paws look better, but he loves when he rub the lotion on his paws. It’s also lick-safe!

  • CBD Oil*. From long road trips, to occasional storms, to overly crowded areas, Chase can experience some anxiety on the road. We have this so he feels calmer and will give it to him before he gets worked up. It allows him to be part of it all and we’ve learned what can trigger our dog. He doesn’t take it every day, but find what works best for your dog!

  • Petals & Tails Shampoo. It smells amazing & it is made from natural ingredients, so I don’t feel guilty when he has to get in the bath. You can give him a bath, and even a few days later, he smells fresh. It also helps keep some of his itchy skin at bay!

  • Jerky Treats. We could go through bags of Beef Jerky from Costco. Not fancy. Nothing special. And he drools just hearing the sound of the bag opening.

*We are affiliates of Social CBD- if you buy through this link you do get 20% off and we get commission.