Post-Operation Entertainment

In no way are we experts, but we wanted to put together an honest training review of what we have been working on with Chase. 

Currently, we have been on restricted exercise and limited movements while he recovers, and mental stimulation has been hugely important

This post just provides some ideas for dogs who are going through a surgery/rest period.

We’ve been working on quite a few things to tire him out during the day:

  1. So much music- we’ve been playing a lot of acoustic popular music, which has calmed him down significantly and increased my work productivity!
  2. Button Training
  3. New Commands- double down, for shame, and crossing paws
  4. ‘Finding’ treats- the cup game, hidden bowls, snuffle mats, etc. 
  5. Replacing his normal food with food games- Toppl, Kong feeding, food puzzles
  6. Teaching him to play, especially fetch laying down or relaxed games of tug 
  7. Allowing him balcony access working on the art of doing nothing and reinforcing place
  8. Cuddle! There's nothing like a good dog massage and pets to help them calm down