myths about pitbulls

Below are 12 statements we have heard about pitbulls. The answers are all listed- but try to see what you know!


1. They come out of the womb as aggressive creatures.

Fiction. Plenty of dogs have been attacked and have bad experiences and maybe are on edge because they are fearful. Maybe this dog had to defend itself from its owner & other dogs in the past. If you had to defend your home for years from intruders- wouldn’t you be fearful of anyone stepping on your lawn?

2. Pitbulls are only bred for fighting.

Fiction. Hundreds of years ago, people did use these dogs to fight bulls in pits. However, people use bulls to fight - does that mean cows are bred to fight? Now, if you really get to know these dogs, they fight to follow orders of their owners and with a proper environment & love, they are some of the most docile, sweet dogs I’ve ever met.

3. They drool everywhere.

Fact- sort of? Depends on the dog (again). But I know that this one drools everywhere. he made our floor a mini swimming pool.


4. They bite and immediately get lock jaw.

Fiction. There is no physical mechanism or enzyme in their jaw that is any different that other dogs. they have the same jaw structure as all other dogs. they are just stronger when you compare them to your small-breed dogs.

5. They will eventually turn on their owners/people because it is all over the news.

Fiction. No dog should turn on their owners. These dogs are extremely loyal and willing to please. They are gentle & with proper socialization are very friendly with people. There are no fully accurate statistics on dog bites in the United States as many go unreported. However, they are big dogs so these bites would cause more damage… Could you imagine making the news with a dog bite from a chihuahua?

6. They are bad family dogs.

Fiction. Get a dog that is good for your family. That might mean that these dogs aren’t the best fit for you. That might mean that they are. Do research into the breed that is right for your family & don’t judge others for the dogs they choose to get for theirs.


7. If pitbulls don’t like dogs, they won’t like humans.

Fiction. Dog-aggression and people-aggression are two very different things. on top of that, just because a dog doesn’t like one other dog, doesn’t mean they hate all dogs. Do you like all humans that you meet?

8. They are loud.

Fact- sort of? I know that Chase snorts constantly, he snores whenever he sleeps, he cries like a seal when he’s hungry, and he screams when he wants attention. He never barks. so, it depends on what you define as loud… but I love that I never have to ask where the dog is.

9. Banning pitbulls makes communities safer.

Fiction. First off, banning a breed of dog only continues the fear and lack of education around the breed. Second, so many dogs are labeled incorrectly and it punishes many other dogs & families. Third, the bans hardly work.


10. It is safer to get a pitbull as a puppy from a breeder.

Fiction. In an ideal world no dogs would be in shelters in the first place and every dog would have a perfect background. However, getting a shelter dog is an incredible experience and you can find wonderful dogs waiting for a family to love. Just be honest with what you are looking for & ask questions- the volunteers will point in the right direction taking into consideration the dog & you. That means pitbulls and all other breeds.

11. They don’t shed.

Fiction. Short-haired dogs still shed, it is just shorter hair. But I love finding a dog hair in the sink, on the counter, and sometimes in my food. That’s love, right?

12. Every block-headed dog is a ‘pit.’

Fiction. There are so many dogs who look alike, even beyond the bully breeds. However, there are many different breeds that fall under this umbrella. Look into some of them- from Bull Terriers, Pitbull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American bully and more!