paws for life highlight

Paws for Life program is all about working with overlooked shelter dogs to prepare them for their lives ahead. If you’re looking for a new best friend to join your family, look no further than Paws for Life.

Not only will you save a sweetheart and the organization will work with you to match you with the perfect dog for your family AND that dog will be eligible for a CGC-certification.

What is CGC certification?

CGC certification is the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen. The animals will go through a 12-week* training program that pairs rescue dogs with trainers in prison partners. The animals will go through a 10-step test that teaches basic manners & obedience. This exam is a prerequisite for therapy dogs and even homeowner’s insurance companies encourages this test.




What dogs are eligible?

Paws for Life is working to ensure that no shelter dogs go unnoticed.

Dogs in the Los Angeles City Shelters who have been in the system for 4-months or more are eligible for this training as well. Paws for Life & the prison programs (in California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation facilities) will offer a 6-week training course.

This training will cover the basic commands, leash walking, crate training & introductory socialization to humans and dogs.

What ELSE does Paws for Life do?

  • First Responder Program

    • Trains dogs to assist people enduring extreme stress & provide relief from anxiety or distress

  • PTSD Service Dog Program

    • 1-year training program that turns rescue dogs into service dogs to change the lives of Veterans with PTSD.

  • Grand Paws for Life Program

    • Works to pair 10-14 year old shelter dogs with senior inmates in a California Medical Facility