halloween safety for dogs

With the holiday fast approaching, here are a few tips to make sure you and your pet are safe.



Dog Costumes:

Super cute idea to have your family dress up in coordinating costumes & including your furry member!

If you are going to include them, make sure their costume doesn’t limit their movement or their breathing. It could be somewhat stressful for them to be in- so pay attention to their behavior and watch for any signs of agitation. (Hint: have them try on before the event!)

Unknown Can Be Scary:

Imagine your doorbell going off over and over and you have no idea why. Imagine seeing hundreds of things you have never seen before walking all over your yard and not knowing they are just disguises.

The number of strangers in costumes & masks can be an overwhelming & scary experience for your dog. Be aware of their mood and that they are not prepared for this. Allow them to be separated from the main visitors to have a quiet space away from the commotion.


Escape Artists:

Halloween is the second most common holiday when pets are lost. Make sure that those that are scared do not have the ability to escape the house. If your pet darts off through an open door, it will be much more difficult to find them with everything going on. If you do have a pet with a tendency to run, make sure they are wearing their collar and all their identification throughout the busy hours.

(For nights with a lot of stimulation like Fourth of July and Halloween, we build Chase a bed in our closet in the bedroom and give him a dose of pet CBD oil, which allows him to at least relax.)

Hide the Candy:

For all those curious pets, or even the bottomless pits, keep the candy out of reach. You don’t want a fun night to end when you find out your pet ingested all of the candy.

Both chocolate and sugar-substitutes like xylitol can be toxic to animals. Have your vet’s number handy, just in case, as well as a local poison control number for animals. (ASPCA Poison Control is (888) 426-4435.)


Some Decorations Can Be Dangerous:

Jack-o-Lanterns can easily get knocked over by a spooked pet and cause a fire. Keep them away from your animals in order to keep everyone else safe as well.

Other things that could be consumed by bored or anxious animals include candy wrappers, tinsel, other decorations around the house. Just watch out for items that could be considered unsafe.