don’t bully a breed

I’ve never grew up with a dog that people will cross the street to avoid. A dog that triggers people’s fear so much that they will pick up their dogs and carry them around us. They will throw us angry looks or yell at us for endangering people. People won’t come to my apartment because they are afraid of what happen to them if they meet Chase.

All I can say on that is if you’re afraid of being licked, sat on, or cuddled the entire night… then you’re right, you better not come by!


Now, what is ‘their true disposition’... No dog is the same! Even within other breeds outside a pit-bull mix, no dog can be labeled to be the same. But in the two that I have had… wow, are they both the best.

They are sweet and kind and loving. Tyson loves walks and cuddles on the couch. He either wants to be exploring or he wants to be right next to you on the couch. Chase wants to be following you room to room, resting his head against your leg or playing fetch.

They have both been so kind and gentle from their interactions with people all the way down to how calmly they take their treats to avoid hurting you. They snuggle when you’re happy or when you cry. I’ve watched Tyson lay down on the ground so he can play with smaller dogs. Chase just wants to sniff other dogs and then gets himself so excited he hops around them. They are smart… and willing to learn.

I know that this has been a fight for many people for a lot longer than I have been actively speaking out about them. (I mean when I first showed my mom a picture of Chase, she was so afraid for me.) However… GIVE THEM A CHANCE. Even just meet one before you continue to judge an entire breed so harshly.

Remember that every dog is different. Ask the owners if their dog is friendly because any dog can be aggressive. Ask before you pet a dog or before you allow your dogs to meet. And beyond anything… give these velvety hippos a chance.