CGC certification

What is CGC Certification?

CGC certification is the Canine Good Citizen certification developed by the American Kennel Club. Any dog can apply to pass the certification regardless of breed.


What is on this test?

  1. Accepting a friendly stranger- the dog cannot show resentment or shyness when an individual comes to meet the handler in a friendly manner.

  2. Sitting politely to be pet- the dog must sit in place when a stranger pets the dog on its head and body.

  3. Accepting appearance and grooming- the dog allows someone to inspect and groom them (brush, examine feet, inspect ears) and appears in healthy condition overall.

  4. Walking on a lead- the dog should be attentive to the handler and respond to changes in movement and direction.

  5. Walking through a crowd- the dog must move politely through pedestrian traffic and stay under control of the handler.

  6. Sit, Down & Stay- the dog must enter a sit and down position upon command. And when instructed, stay in place while the handler moves about until instructed to break the position.

  7. Coming when called- the dog must come when instructed by the handler.

  8. Reaction to another dog- the dog must demonstrate that they can behave politely with other dogs by staying in place when two individuals meet. The dogs must not go near the other dog or its handler.

  9. Reaction to distraction- the dog must show confidence in the face of distractions (dropping chairs, rolling crates, joggers running by, etc.) and not panic, run, show aggressiveness or bark.

  10. Supervised separation- the dog must show that it will maintain its obedience when left in the hands of a trusted person. The dog must not bark, whine or pace unnecessarily while the handler is gone.