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mental stimulation for dogs

Especially as winter creeps in and our days get shorter, making sure that you pup gets enough exercise can be hard enough. But how are you ensuring that your dog is mentally stimulated as well? I know for the longest time, I didn’t even think about mental stimulation as a separate need for our pets, but it is equally important to have them use their minds. Some dogs will require more brain exercises than others but it will be crucial to work them mentally. I know Chase would rather use brute force through every situation but getting him to use his brain has been so rewarding, and exhausting for him. Here’s some ways that we are working through that! 1....

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homemade pupsicles

So you’re looking for a homemade recipe that may entertain your dog for more than a few seconds. You’ve come to the right place!Unfortunately, we can’t turn this into your traditional popsicle… because Chase here tries to swallow them whole. bBt we will give you all the information needed to get those ready too! Ingredients: 4 Cups of plain yogurt 4 Tbsp. of smooth peanut butter 2 Tbsp. of honey 1 Full Banana Optional (for pupsicle): Coconut oil Small dog treat Directions: Blend all ingredients together. If you have a blender, use it, if not, mix by hand. Put into freezer-safe small bowl and freeze. *If you’re making popsicles, line the small container with coconut oil and put a small...

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